Javascript, Cookies, SSL and Bookmarks
Our website relies heavily on Javascript and Cookies therefore you must enable Javascript and Cookies on your web browser in the Security settings.  Our shopping basket, the catalog areas, order forms, credit card processing, and menu navigation are all affected.  For example, when you add a product to your shopping basket it is stored in a small temporary file on your computer.  This file is only valid for one day.  This file does not contain any confidential information nor is any confidential information retained by us.  If you get errors or if pages aren't displaying properly, it can usually be traced to your security settings for Javascript and Cookies

So, if you experience problems, please check these items to make sure they are set properly in your browser:

1. You must have Javasript enabled on your browser.
2. Your browser must have cookies turned on.
3. You must set your browser to accept SSL.
4. You should always enter our site from the Home or Store Home Pages.
5. You should check your firewall or network settings.
6. If all else fails, read this.


1. You must enable Javascript on your browser

Navigator 3.x
Go to "Options | Network Preferences..." from the main menu
Change to the "Languages" tab
To enable: make sure "Enable JavaScript" check box is checked
Restart the browser

Communicator 4.x
Go to "Edit | Preferences..." from the main menu
Select "Advanced" panel
To enable: make sure "Enable JavaScript" check box is checked.
Restart the browser

Explorer 3.x
Go to "View | Options..." from the main menu
Change to the "Security" tab
To enable: make sure "Run ActiveX scripts" check box is checked
Restart the browser

Explorer 4.x & up
Go to "View | Internet Options..." from the main menu
Change to the "Security" tab
Select "Custom" and click on the "Settings..." button
To enable: make sure "Enable" is selected under "Active scripting"
Restart the browser

Simply reloading the page, rather than restarting the browser, maybe sufficient under some browser versions.

Some problems if Javascript is disabled:
You are not able to add items to your cart.
Math errors in the fields.
General errors on page.


2. You must set your browser to accept Cookies
      (See sidebar at right also for more Cookies info.)


Cookies is a totally harmless piece of 'personal clipboard' that will follow you around, carrying your shopping information, and helps to recognize you whenever you return to this website.

With Netscape Navigator, click on

Edit -> Preferences... -> Advanced
 Accept all cookies

With Microsoft IE, click on
IE4: View -> Internet Options... -> Advanced
IE5: Tool -> Internet Options... -> Security -> Internet -> Custom levels
 Enable cookies

Some problems if Cookies are not accepted:
You may get odd formatting of the screen.
An UNDEFINED error message on certain fields in the Buy page


3. You must set your browser to accept SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a high level encryption system designed to provide secure online transactions.

This problem is IE specific. Click on

IE4: View -> Internet Options... -> Advanced -> Security
IE5: Tool -> Internet Options... -> Security -> Advanced -> Security
 SSL 2.0
 SSL 3.0

No problem with Netscape Navigator 4.

Some problems with IE4 if SSL is not enabled:
Internet Explorer gives an error message stating it cannnot open a specific page.

4. Always enter enter our site via or

 It is important that you set your bookmark for this website at the above URLs, and not

At the designated entry URL (, any previous Cookie that you may brought with you will be recognized and reset to zero.

With Netscape Navigator 4, click on

Bookmark -> Add Bookmarks...
Bookmark -> Edit Bookmarks...
Right-click on GGWCO, select Bookmark Properties...
On Location (URL), fill-in

With Microsoft IE4, click on
Favorites -> Add to Favorites...
Fill in the name as GGWCO
Click on Favorites -> Organize Favorites
Right click on GGWCO, select Properties
Click on Internet Shortcut
Fill in at Target URL:

Associated problems if bookmark is not correct:
Your basket contains items from a previous visit or the buy page contains UNDEFINED error displays in certain fields.
SOLUTION: Click here to clear your Cookies and start over.

5. Pressing SUBMIT  (to place order) gives no response
You are probably going via a firewall or proxy server which does not support https. Your firewall or proxy server must allow https connections on port 443. Please check with your network or systems administrator.


6. If all else fails, try this: 

Click Here to clear your Cookies.

This site uses cookies to store your product selections.

Turning Cookies On
Usually Cookie preferences are found in the Preferences or Internet Options of the browser. Typically they are as follows for the following browsers:

MS Internet Explorer:
1. Drop down the "View" Menu
2. Click on "Internet Options"
3. Click on the "Advanced" tab
4. Scroll down till you see "Cookies"
5. Click on the "Always Accept Cookies" button
6. Click "OK" then Click here: Lasting Treasures

Netscape Navigator:
1. Drop down "Edit" Menu
2. Click on "Preferences"
3. Click on "Advanced"
4. In the Cookies area click on "Accept all Cookies"
5. Click "OK" then Click here: GGWCO

Clearing the Cookies
If you have been to our site before please make sure you bookmark the original entry point of the site and enter the site that way. This will clear any previous cookie that may have been set.  Always enter via or

You can also go the the "Basket" page when you first visit and Click on "Clear Basket" Button. This will clear any previous cookie that may have existed for our site.

Clear the Basket
If the basket is not showing the proper items that you have added, click on this link and then use the back button to go back to our site. Clear the Shopping Basket

Can't ADD to basket
If you are using a fairly recent browser such as AOL 4.0, MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0 your cookies are probably turned off. (See turning cookies on above).

Otherwise, javascript is turned off (Usually found in Internet Options or Preferences of your browser).

Or your browser is not javascript capable. Please give us a call or fill out the products you would like in an email and send us the order that way. See instructions at

If you still are experiencing problems, try this: go to
.  Then re-enter our store thru the main home page or





This page was updated on 12/28/2016.

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