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  Terms & Conditions 

Important: Read This Information.



Freight Terms: Most items ship UPS Ground unless otherwise specified by the customer.  All freight charges are added to invoice amount and are paid by the customer unless other arrangements have been made and are specified in writing by us.

FOB: All orders shipped FOB Norcross, GA or FOB Shipping Point for drop-shipped items.


Credit Card: Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX only.  Orders placed from our ONLINE STORE will be charged immediately to your credit card.  All other orders, whether phoned, faxed or emailed to us will be charged at time of order placement or at time of shipment at our discretion.  ALL special order items  paid with a credit card will be charged at time of order placement -- Please contact us before ordering if this is not clear.

COD: We can sometimes ship UPS COD for an additional charge of $10 added to normal freight charges.  Note: COD service may not be available in all areas or for all items.

Prepaid In Advance: We gladly accept personal & company checks, money order and cashiers checks: However, personal & company checks must clear bank before order is shipped which can result in as much as a two week delay in order placement.

TERMS: We can bill on N30 or N45 terms for some of our larger customers.  Please contact us to establish an account with our company.


No refunds or exchanges on any SPECIAL ORDER items.  Any refund or exchange of a STOCK item is at the discretion of our company and will be subject to a restocking fee which varies depending on the manufacturer's policy.  In no case shall any freight be refundable.  We make no promises or guarantees regarding the performance of our product for YOUR particular needs.  However, if any error has been deemed to be the fault of GGWCO, then we will gladly refund or exchange per buyer's wishes including any freight charges if the items are returned in good condition.  No returns accepted without an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number.  We are not responsible for any goods returned without an RMA number or returned goods that are damaged, un-useable, altered, or otherwise non-sellable.  Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS below.

If paying by credit card: Go to Order Form and fill out the form completely.  You may either email the form through our secure server or print the filled out form and fax it to us.  If you do not have a part number, please reference the quotation number in the part number field and then fill-in the price.

If paying in advance by check: You may send your purchase order or the email quotation to the mailing address above along with your payment.  If you do not have a part number, please reference the quotation number or include any email correspondence regarding your item.  Order will not be entered until payment is received.

If paying by COD: Please send (email or fax) us a purchase order or email authorization referencing the part number or the quotation number and the price. 


Note that all pricing and products shown on this website are subject to change and availability without notice.  We reserve the right to deny any order.  In no case will we ship a product at a higher price than is shown here nor will we make product substitutions differing from what is shown on the order confirmation without prior consent of the buyer.



The SIGMA Group, Inc. and/or Georgia Grinding Wheel Company, Inc.(GGWCO) is acting as agent only and specifically disclaims any liability by express or implied warranty or otherwise, except as expressly set forth herein.




Buyer acknowledges that the products covered by this quotation are products which were neither designed nor manufactured by SIGMA/GGWCO. As SIGMA/GGWCO does not know of the specific application of the products by Buyer, Buyer acknowledges that it is Buyer's responsibility to provide proper devices and equipment for the particular application or use intended by Buyer, so as to protect the operator and others from harm, and to comply with all federal, state and local government laws, rules, and regulations relation to safety standards and all industry safety standards.


Buyer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend SIGMA/GGWCO from and against any and all claims, liabilities, or lawsuits arising out of the use of, or in any way involving injury or accident occasioned by, said products. Said agreement includes, but is not limited to, the duty to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend SIGMA/GGWCO in any of the following situations: (1) claims involving or alleging improper or negligent design, maintenance, construction, reconstruction, repair, alteration, or modification of the products by SIGMA/GGWCO, its agents or employees; (2) claims involving or alleging breach of any implied warranty or merchantability, fitness for purpose, or safety of the products; (3) claims involving allegations of failure, negligent or otherwise, on the part of SIGMA/GGWCO to equip said products with safety devices as required by federal, state, or local government statutes, rules, or regulations, or as is customary in the trade; (4) claims involving or alleging negligency by SIGMA/GGWCO, either alone or jointly with Buyer or any other person, firm, or organization; and (5) claims based upon strict liability or products liability. Buyer specifically agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend SIGMA/GGWCO from any and all claims alleging negligence on the part of Sigma and from any and all claims based upon strict liability or products liability and waives benefit of any laws, rules, or regulations contrary to, or in limitation of, this agreement. The covenants expressed herein shall be severable, and the invalidity, now or in the future, of any of the covenants recited herein shall not affect the validity of the remaining convenants.


SHIPPING: Shipping terms are as stated on front of this quotation, and unless otherwise stated, include no cartage, insurance charges or taxes.


PRICES: Quoted prices are valid for 60 days from date of issue of quotation, but Seller reserves the right to bill same at Seller's prices prevailing at time of shipment.



DELIVERY: Deliveries quoted are approximate and are contingent on fires, strikes, accidents, orders or requests of Government authorities, or any cause whatsoever not reasonably under the control of the Seller. Items not readily available from current inventory are considered special orders and as such quoted deliveries are estimates based on current factory shipping times. Unless definite shipping instructions accompany the order, shipments will be routed cheapest way and at our discretion. Under no circumstances shall Seller have any liability for penalties or other consequential damages of any kind resulting in whole or part from Seller's delay in delivering, or failure to deliver, any products to Buyer as agreed.


CANCELLATION: In the event Buyer desires to cancel an order, he shall give written notice together with reasons therefore, and terms of cancellation shall then be subject to negotiation between Buyer and Seller. However, Seller in no event waives any remedies available to it under the Uniform Commercial Code or other provision of law. Buyer shall be liable for a cancellation charge if material has been placed in process. Special Orders are non-cancelable.  If a Special Order item was pre-paid, either with a credit card or by any other means, any refund will be up to the discretion of SIGMA/GGWCO.  We reserve the right to determine a refund, if any, due to Buyer.  We reserve the right to accept all prepayment from Buyer as partial or full satisfaction of any in process work or cancellation charge.


RETURNS: Material will not be accepted for credit without Seller's written agreement having been previously obtained. Buyer must obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number prior to shipping any items to Seller. Seller shall not be responsible for returned goods unaccompanied by an RMA.


PATENT INFRINGEMENTS: With respect to all products manufactured to Buyer's specifications, Buyer shall indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against any and all loss, cost, expenses, claims, demands, suits and judgments arising from actual or alleged patent infringements.


SPECIAL TOOLING: All tooling patterns, dies, fixtures and tool expense shown in connection with special production items are priced at Seller's cost, and title shall be vested in Seller. Seller agrees to maintain and replace at Seller's expense such equipment during time that the respective items(without change) continue to be purchased from Seller. Equipment may be considered obsolete and scrapped by Seller if no items have been fabricated from it during a continuous period of one(1) year.


TITLE AND RISK OF LOSS: Risk of loss or damage in transit shall be borne entirely by Buyer at all times after the products are delivered to the carrier for shipment; However, title to the products and the right to stop delivery in transit shall remain with Seller until payment in full has been received by Seller.


OVERAGES/SHORTAGES: Seller shall not fabricate or ship any items except to the extent authorized in Buyer's purchase order or in subsequent releases from Buyer, +/- 10%.


ACCEPTANCE OF PURCHASE ORDERS: Notwithstanding any contrary language of Buyer's purchase order, each purchase order shall be subject to acceptance by an authorized employee of Seller and each transaction shall be governed exclusively by these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Such acceptance is expressly limited to these Terms and Conditions of Sale, and any additional or different terms proposed by Buyer are automatically rejected unless expressly assented to in writing by Seller. No contract shall exist except as herein above provided.



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