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  Georgia Grinding Wheel : Abrasives and Grinding Wheels
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This is a fairly complete listing of abrasives which are commonly available from stock and by special order.  These are actual full-color catalogs from different manufacturers.  This will give you some idea of what products are available.  Many of these catalogs also contain good technical information for selection guidelines and troubleshooting. 

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Description of Products

# Pages


#1 NORTON - Complete Product Line (Most Complete Abrasives Catalog)


#2 CARBORUNDUM - Complete Product Line 121
#3 RADIAC Catalog - Complete Product Line 64
#4 GLOBAL - Complete Product Line 107
#5 CAMEL - Complete Product Line 110
#6 Diamond Products: Wheels, Saw Blades,
Router Bits, Bandsaw Blades, etc.
#7 Cutoff and Production Grinding Wheels.  Large diameter capacity. 14
#8 Diamond Products: Saws, Cutoff Wheels, Polishing Wheels, Files, Drills, Wheels, Rolls, Pastes, Mounted Points.  Also, Carbide Burrs 29
#9 Diamond Dressing Tools - Large Selection With Tech Info 45
#10 Honing, Superfinishing Stones, Dressing Stones & Sticks 11
#11 Diamond Dressing Rollers 28

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Check back frequently - More catalogs added as we have time to input!


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