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Catalog #3




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RADIAC - Catalog #3

Full Catalog
Radiac Standard
Stock Markings
Wheel Section
Standard Wheel Shapes
Standard Wheel Faces
Wheel Safety  
      Bushing Table
      Wheel Speed
Standard Stock Blueprints
Rockwell Hardness
Conversion Tables
      1/2" to 2" O.D.
      2" O.D.
      2" to 3" O.D.
      3" to 4" O.D.
      4" O.D.
      4" to 5" O.D.
      5" to 6" O.D.
      6" O.D.
      6" to 7"
      7" to 8"
      8" to 9"
      9" to 10"
      10" to 12"
      12" to 14"
      14" to 16"
      16" to 20"
      20" to 30"
Bricks, Sticks & Stones
Fiber Discs
Mounted Wheels
Superabrasive Wheels
      1A1, 1A1R, 6A2C and 11V9
Diamond Tools
Blank Stock - Unfinished
Rubber/Cork Regulating Wheels
Rubber Cut-Off Wheels
Metallurgical Cut-Off Wheels
Rubber Thin Cut-Off Wheels
Resin Bonded Thin Cut-Off Wheels
Mandrels for Die Grinding
Grinding Recommendations
Wheel Safety & Storage

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