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Catalog #2




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CARBORUNDUM - Catalog #2

Full Catalog Sections
Catalog Pages 1 thru 43 COATED ABRASIVES SECTION
Catalog Pages 44 thru 61 FIBRATEX SECTION
Catalog Pages 62 thru 106 BONDED ABRASIVES SECTION
Catalog Pages 107 thru 111 SUPERABRASIVE SECTION
Catalog Pages 112 thru 121 SAFETY SECTION
Bonded Abrasive Basics
Coated Basics


Individual Sections Sorted Alphabetically
(For quicker sorting and viewing)
Abrasive Sponges

Belts Narrow
Belts Portable
Belts Portable File
Belts Stationary
Belts Wide
Bench & Pedestal Wheels
Cones and Plugs
Cut-off Wheels - For Chop Saws
Cut-off Wheels - for Circular Saws
Cut-off Wheels - for Foundry Applications
Cut-off Wheels - for High Speed Gas Saws
Cut-off Wheels - for Portable Machines
Cut-off Wheels - For Right Angle Grinders
Cut-off Wheels - for Stationary Machines
Cut-off Wheels - Precision Toolroom
Cylindrical & Centerless Wheels
Depressed Center Cutting-off Wheels
Depressed Center Wheels - Spec Check & Competitive Cross Reference
Depressed Center Wheels for Grinding
Depressed Center Wheels for Light Grinding and Cutting
Depressed Center Wheels for Light Grinding/Blending
Discs E-ZView
Discs Flap
Discs Flex-Loc TS and TR
Discs Grip-On
Discs Grip-On Vacuum
Discs Plain
Discs Resin Fibre
Discs Stick-On
Discs Stick-On Vacuum
Fibratex - Accessories
Fibratex - Belts
Fibratex - Carbo-Cut Wheels
Fibratex - Convolute Wheels
Fibratex - Cross Reference
Fibratex - Discs
Fibratex - Flap Wheels
Fibratex - Hand Pads and Sponges
Fibratex - Rolls
Fibratex - Surface Strip Discs
Fibratex - Technical Info
Fibratex - Unified Wheels
File Strips - Clip-On
File Strips - Grip-On
File Strips - Stick-On
Mounted Points
Snagging Wheels
Snagging Wheels - Floorstand
Sticks and Stones
Tool Post Wheels
Toolroom Wheels
Wheels - Flap

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